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About US


Founded in December 2018. Integrated Technology LLC (ITg) came to life by industry veterans not to reinvent the wheel in Technology but tweak how to maximize our customers experience through office automation and service.

The founders at ITg are a product of this community

and we are proud to call this area our home.


ITg’s vision is to create a one stop business solution for our local customers, through our Office Supplies
division, Document Management and Managed Network Services. It’s a competition in the office automation industry to have the cheapest product with the cheapest service, unfortunately local businesses can get in a bind when the level of Service affects their everyday operations.

Mission Statement

We pledge allegiance to this community. Our clients are the focus that drives the engine at ITg.
Innovation is the name of the game, though we understand that some things have been done the same
way in this industry for years, we are excited to provide our customers with new innovative processes
and ideas to maximize their workflow and ultimately their bottom line. ITg is for the Next Generation Business!